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Eli's online lessons.

I have started series of online lessons, so far mainly on the YLC form, but have also done the whole small San Sau, and starting on some Bagua as well.

These are the most detailed and easy to learn from videos available on the basic form. Covering the basic level form as I teach it in my classes. The DVD's on the advanced from by Dad are great, but the only thing on the basic form is MTG 2, which is a good DVD, but out dated and not much detail, the whole form in 2 hours. Then there is the corrections series, an amazing set of DVD's, but not teaching the form as such, but just showing how is should be done and it shouldn't.
These clips however, 20 minutes each, have as much detail on the basic structure and flow that you could ask for, the first third is 15 lessons, about 5 hour of teaching.
These clips are on Facebook as well as on
There are lots of free clips, first 10 lessons of YLC etc.

Here are the links to the free YLC lessons. I am uploading the Small San Sau ones today to youtube, as well as some other stuff.
So ad Moontagu as your youtube contact so you get told about the new uploads. lesson 10 lesson 9 lesson 8 lesson 7B lesson 7A lesson 6 lesson 5 lesson 4 lesson 3 lesson 2 lesson 1 First third demo
Then the cost of further lessons is very cheap, only L3 per lesson, or 10 for L20. Plus you have can them sent to you on DVD as well, for viewing offline, at an extra L5 per 10 lessons.
If you're learning with out a teacher, then these clips will give you the best possible learning experience. Or if you do have a teacher, they are still great to help you train at home between classes, so that you don't get into bad habits.

Check out the free stuff on facebook or youtube, and if you like it then just contact me for links to the rest.