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  UK Summer camp 2013!

This camp we will be covering a very special and interesting subject, the 12 Qi Development tools Medical Aplications!
Anyone who has done the 12 tools will know what powerful Qigong's they are.
For myself personally they did more for my internal training than anything else.
After learning these, my form jumped sevral steps forward.
I finally started to feel what I had seen in Dad all these years.
So I am very excited about teaching these in their medical aplication
(meaning doing it to someone else, as a treatment)

Helping others is our primary goal in the WTBA, so these will give you that ability.
And will enhance any other treatment work that you might already be practicing.

Dad was very excited about finally teaching these to the world, but sadly never got the chance.
So I will now do that for him and take you through these amaing healing methods at the 2013 UK summer camp.

We will also be going through YLC's form, working on one third each day.
It is hoped that most people will have learnt by now the basic shell of the form.
So I do not have to teach right from scratch.
This way we can get through more.
Plus Push Hands and other training methods of course.

To get the most of of any camp, you should look at what will be taught, and learnt it before you come.
That way you can actually learn something at camp, rather than just trying to remember moves.

Camp this time will be 3 full days training, Friday to Sunday.
9.30am till 12.30pm then 3pm till 6pm each day.
Training fee is L150.
Accommodation and meals are up to you.
There are good cheap hotels in the area

Camp will be held at Nasser Butt's School in Leicester
Unit 36 Second Floor
Faircharm Trading Estate
Evelyn Drive
Leicester LE3 2BU